UPDESK’s Bluetooth Smart Desk Controller May Be More Powerful Than You Think

The UPDESK Bluetooth Smart Desk Controller (that comes standard on all UPDESK Pro series standing desks) can increase usage by 74% and can increase time spent standing by 62%.

Actually ‘Using’ Your Standing Desk
One of the things that we hear most often here at UPDESK from corporate leadership and human resource (HR) managers thinking about investing in sit-stand desks or adjustable height workstations for their offices is that they don’t think that their employees will actually use them as they’re meant to be used. UPDESK products are all about integrating movement into daily activities, especially for people who tend to sit at a stationary desk for hours on end. So when investing in a standing desk, especially for a team, you want to ensure that the user actually uses the functionality that you’re paying a premium for.

The Case Study
LINAK is one of UPDESK’s premier OEM manufacturers for lifting columns and electronics for our Pro series sit-stand desks (including the Pro, Pro UpWrite, and Pro SquaredUp). LINAK designs and engineers their components in Denmark and manufactures much of what we use here at UPDESK in Louisville, Kentucky - they know quality. They recently commissioned a brand new case study that outlines the benefits of a core feature of the new Bluetooth Smart Desk Controller - the sit-stand reminders feature. The goal was to motivate a team of software engineers to utilize the sit-stand function of their stand desks more frequently than before.

40 employees at the software company Diamant Software GmbH participated in testing the effects of sit-stand reminder tools... While all participants were familiar with electric sit-stand desks at work, only a very few used them.“

Before the study, when the participants were asked why they might not use the functionality provided to them, the most popular responses were ‘comfort’ and ‘forgetfulness’. The participants were then split in two teams - one group would be provided a sit-stand desk with no “reminders” feature, while the other was provided with the Bluetooth Smart Desk Controller for their standing desk along with software to connect to their mobile devices and/or PC.

After 90 days, the results were staggering.

“The surprisingly consistent results showed that the test group provided with the ‘sit-stand reminder kit’ increased the usage of their sit-stand desk function by 74%. The same test group also reported that they increased their daily standing time at work by 62%.“

Think about that for a second. By simply reminding users that they could move their desks up and down every 45-60 minutes, the users took advantage of the core function of their standing desk workstation almost twice as often.

So what can you do now?
If you don’t already have a standing desk, the UPDESK Pro series sit-stand desks come standard with the Bluetooth Smart Desk Controller, which features the sit-stand reminders as well as 4-height presets with Automatic Drive. Take a look at some of the other high-tech features of this controller here.

If you already have an UPDESK and want to upgrade your controller, you can! With the exception of the UPDESK Home, all UPDESK standing desks are backwards and forwards compatible with the newer Bluetooth Smart Desk Controller. So even if you purchased your UPDESK in 2013, you can simply upgrade your controller and enjoy all of the benefits of these new reminders features on your existing desk.


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